Infection Control in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

This paper focuses on how companies can welcome colleagues back post-coronavirus and how they can consider  adapting the workplace to minimise the risk of a second wave of infection. Furthermore, this  PDF will give insight on what types of adaptations can be made to hotspots of activity and areas with high population density pre-Covid, in order to ensure that we have learnt the lessons taught by the unprecedented worldwide phenomenon of the coronavirus, as well as preparing for and protecting ourselves against future pathogenic infections.

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How employers can transform the lobby, reception area and the workplace as employees return to work in a post-Covid-19 landscape.

Health Screening

Screening the health of occupants travelling through a given site can give peace of mind to employers, management and stakeholders by detecting indicators of an infection.


Personal Protective Equipment worn items create a barrier between the person and the outside world, and can substantially reduce the risks of catching and spreading an infection.

Sanitise to Access

Antibacterial gels have been added to common areas within work buildings to encourage employees to sanitise their hands on a regular basis.

Post -Pandemic Workplace

As an area of high user density, the lobby will be a key area for adjustments in a post Covid-19 landscape.


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